The Importance of Membership

First Baptist Church takes the issue of membership seriously because the Bible takes it seriously. Every member of FBC is not only a representative of the church, but also Jesus Christ. Too often, when churches take membership casually the result is their corporate witness and mission of spreading the gospel is greatly compromised.

Here are some resources that further explain the importance of church membership:

Steps to Becoming a Member

Step 1  Membership Class
If you are interested in pursuing membership with us please contact us, either by email or phone, to sign up for our next Membership Matters Class. The class takes place during the Sunday school hour. We currently offer the class 3 times each year (February, July and October). Completing the class does not obligate you to join our church. Anyone is welcome to take the class in order to get to know us better.

Step 2  Membership Interview
After completing the class a membership interview will be scheduled with those wanting to pursue membership. During this interview you will have a chance to share your testimony and ask any questions you may have about First Baptist Church.

Step 3  Membership Vote
After finishing the membership interview you will be presented to the congregation during a church conference. A summary of your testimony will be shared and the church will vote to affirm you as a new member.